Angel Rooms

Angel rooms are the alternative option to the Devil Rooms which can spawn after defeating a boss. Angel rooms can contain a free item from the angel room pool, spirit hearts or eternal hearts. They have a chance to replace devil rooms if the following 2 conditions are met:

  1. You saw a devil room door spawn at least once on a previous floor.
  2. You did not pay for a devil deal with health.

If those two conditions are met, any future devil room doors have a 50% chance to be replaced with an Angel Room instead... however that 50/50 devil/angel split can be weighted differently by doing certain things in the game.

Altering the Angel Room generation chance

Normally the chance to find an Angel room instead of a Devil Room is 50%, however this can be altered by gaining the following bonuses

Weak Bonuses

Strong Bonuses

Players can have a maximum of 2 strong bonuses and 3 weak bonuses on a floor. The combined chances are as follows:

0 Strong bonuses 1 Strong bonus 2 Strong bonuses
0 Weak bonuses 50% 75% 88%
1 Weak bonus 63% 81% 91%
2 Weak bonuses 72% 86% 93%
3 Weak bonuses 86% 89% 95%

A big thank you to Metarkrai who did the research and added the above stats to the Angel Room Wiki page.