Isaac Cheat Sheet

Co-op Babies (Rebirth)

One of the new features added to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is local co-op multiplayer, where the second player controls a floating baby. It works in a drop-in/drop-out style of play where the second player steals a heart container from Isaac upon spawning. Damage is lowered to balance things out but every aspect of Isaac's items are copied over to the second player's baby.

Every time you spawn in a new baby it is randomly picked from one of the babies in the HUGE list below (There are 203 in total). Most of the baby skins are cosmetic, however quite a few also have their own special abilities.

Spider Baby

Spawns friendly spiders

Love Baby

Drops 1-2 hearts when it dies

Bloat Baby

Spawns with a pretty fly

Water Baby

Explodes into tears when it dies

Psy Baby

Fires homing tears

Cursed Baby

Troll Baby

Sometimes spawn troll bombs


Re-arranges shooting keys after every floor

Cockeyed Baby

Shoots tears diagonally (Similar to R U A WIZARD pill)

Host Baby

Spawns non-friendly spiders on death

Lost Baby

UNLOCK: Beat Mom's Heart with Isaac on Hard Mode to unlock this baby

Cute Baby

UNLOCK: Beat Mom's Heart with Maggy on Hard Mode to unlock this baby

Crow Baby

UNLOCK: Beat Mom's Heart with Eve on Hard Mode to unlock this baby

Shadow Baby

Higher damage tears
UNLOCK: Beat Mom's Heart with Judas on Hard Mode to unlock this baby

Glass Baby

Drops random pickup on death
UNLOCK: Beat Mom's Heart with Cain on Hard Mode to unlock this baby

Gold Baby

Drops coins on death


Fires a constant laser (Same as Tech 2)

Bean Baby

Farts when hit

Mag Baby

Has the magneto effect (Attracts pickups)

Wrath Baby

Spawns bomb pickups on death

Wrapped Baby

UNLOCK: Beat Mom's Heart with Azazel on Hard Mode to unlock this baby

Begotten Baby

Fires fear tears
UNLOCK: Beat Mom's Heart with Lazarus on Hard Mode to unlock this baby

Dead Baby

UNLOCK: Beat Mom's Heart with ??? on Hard Mode to unlock this baby

Fighting Baby

UNLOCK: Beat Mom's Heart with Samson on Hard Mode to unlock this baby

-0- Baby

Immune to all damage
UNLOCK: Beat Mom's Heart with The Lost on Hard Mode to unlock this baby

Glitch Baby

Magnet Baby

Unable to shoot but can pickup consumables for Isaac

Steven Baby

Reference to Edmund's game Time Fcuk

Monocle Baby

Belial Baby

Monstro Baby

Fez Baby

Meatboy Baby

Skull Baby

Conjoined Baby

Skinny Baby

Basic Spider Baby

Shopkeeper Baby

Fancy Baby

Chubby Baby

Cyclops Baby

Isaac Baby

Plug Baby

Drool Baby

Wink Baby

Pox Baby

Onion Baby

Zipper Baby

Buckteeth Baby

Beard Baby

Hanger Baby

Vampire Baby

Tilt Baby

Bawl Baby

Lemon Baby

Tooth Baby

Haunt Baby

Big Eyes Baby

Sleep Baby

Zombie Baby

Goat Baby

Butthole Baby

Eye Patch Baby

Blood Eyes Baby

Mustache Baby

Spittle Baby

Brain Baby

3 Eyes Baby

Viridian Baby

Blockhead Baby

Worm Baby

Lowface Baby

Alien Hominid Baby

Reference to the game Alien Hominid

Bomb Baby

Video Baby

Reference to Commander Video from the Bit Trip series

Parasite Baby

Derp Baby

Lobotomy Baby

Choke Baby

Scream Baby

Gurdy Baby

Ghoul Baby

Goatee Baby

Shades Baby

Statue Baby

Bloodsucker Baby

Bandaid Baby

Eyebrows Baby

Nerd Baby

Boss Baby

Turd Baby

O Baby

Square Eyes Baby

Teeth Baby

Frown Baby

Tongue Baby

Half Head Baby

Makeup Baby

Ed Baby

Edmund McMillen baby (Creator of the Binding of Isaac)

D Baby

Danielle Baby (Edmund's Wife)

Guppy Baby

Puke Baby

Dumb Baby

Lipstick Baby

Aether Baby

Reference to Edmund's game Aether

Brownie Baby

Reference to Brownie from Super Meat Boy


Reference to Captain Viridian from VVVVVV

Nosferatu Baby

Pubic Baby

Eyemouth Baby

Weirdo Baby

V Baby

Strange Mouth Baby

Masked Baby

Cyber Baby

Axe Wound Baby

Statue Baby

Grin Baby

Upset Baby

Plastic Baby

One Tooth Baby

Tusks Baby

Hopeless Baby

Big Mouth Baby

Pee Eyes Baby

Earwig Baby

Ninkumpoop Baby

Strange Shape Baby

Bugeyed Baby

Freaky Baby

Crooked Baby

Spider Legs Baby

Smiling Baby

Tears Baby

Bowling Baby

Mohawk Baby

Rotten Meat Baby

No Arms Baby

Unable to attack if the player picks up Mom's Knife

Twin Baby 2 Baby

Ugly Girl Baby

Chompers Baby

Camillo Jr. Baby

Eyeless Baby

Sloppy Baby

Bluebird Baby

No special effect.

Fat Baby

Butterfly Baby

Goggles Baby

Apathetic Baby

Cape Baby

Sorrow Baby

Rictus Baby

Awaken Baby

Puff Baby

Attractive Baby

Pretty Baby

Cracked Infamy Baby

Distended Baby

Mean Baby

Digital Baby

Helmet Baby

Black Eye Baby

Lights Baby

Spike Baby

Worry Baby

Ears Baby

Funeral Baby

Libra Baby

Gappy Baby

Sunburn Baby

Ate Poop Baby

Electris Baby

Reference to Pikachu from Pokemon

Blood Hole Baby

Transforming Baby

Aban Baby

Reference to Aban Hawkins from 1001 Spikes

Bandage Girl Baby

Reference to Bandage Girl from Super Meat Boy

Piece A Baby

Piece B Baby

Spelunker Baby

Reference to default character in Spelunky

Frog Baby

Crook Baby

Don Baby

Web Baby

Faded Baby

Sick Baby

Dr. Fetus Baby

Reference to Dr. Fetus in Super Meat Boy

Spectral Baby

Red Skeleton Baby

Skeleton Baby

Jammies Baby

New Jammies Baby

Cold Baby

Old Man Baby

Spooked Baby

Nice Baby

Dots Baby

Peeling Baby

Small Face Baby

Good Baby

Blindfold Baby

Pipe Baby

Dented Baby