Isaac Cheat Sheet - Changelog

For better visibility to you guys, the below list is a changelog of every time I make an update to the site, detailing corrections and edits to item info.

If you spot anything that's incorrect please drop me an email at, I'd love to fix it!

- Eluc

Platinumgod changelog:

4th Nov 2022 - 1.7.9 Update changes - LOADS of item rebalances, fixes, etc. Also updated 105 items which have had their quality updated

22nd March 2022 - 1.7.8 Update changes - Shovel rework, quality updates, lazarus changes, item pool updates etc.

4th January 2022 - Fix issues with Bag of Crafting page sometimes generating incorrect recipes for specific items

4th December 2021 - 1.7.7 Update changes - D1 + Echo Chamber nerfs, update Magic Fingers sprite, Free Lemonade buff and lots of item quality changes.

24th November 2021 - Lots of incorrect info fixes - mostly stealth updates that weren't in official changelogs

23rd November 2021 - Bag of Crafting page now has the tool you've all been asking for - to quickly generate recipes for every item, depending on your current seed. Allows you to specify which consumables to include, up to a maximum of 15 (490,314 combinations of recipes) so I don't break your browser

16th November 2021 - Updated all nerfs/buffs to item quality

15th November 2021 - More minor changes from hidden updates that didn't make it into the changelog

14th November 2021 - The Bag of Crafting page is back! Big thanks to frto027 (View source) for the function to generate recipes.

11th November 2021 - Added all changes from the 1.7.5 Repentance Update. Includes 3 new items, a crapload of balance changes and bug fixes!

5th July 2021 - Again fixed a huge list of small typos, mistakes, missing effects and clarifications. Big thank you to everyone who sent me stuff, it's very appreciated! <3

14th June 2021 - Bug fixes mostly, thanks for all your emails/tweets!

21st May 2021 - General item description improvements - Thanks to everyone who sent me messages to point them out!

15th May 2021 - Big update fixing all the old stat values which have now been revamped in Repentance (Range Up/Down, Tear Height is gone). Fixed a few bugs on various items too. Big thanks to anyone who pointed those out for me :)

26th Apr 2021 - Added missing changed effects to some items i.e. Crystal Ball, Blood Rights etc. and balance changes that we're on the changelog i.e. Godhead

21st Apr 2021 - Color sorting now works with every item and trinket! Big thank you to MrDooni who did all the work to make this happen. I've added another page so you can sort by color and see all the items in one big group.

17th Apr 2021 - Add clarification around Planetariums. Add mentions to Star of Bethlehem being 1 of the 3 items for the unlock, telescope lens trinket exact numbers and the chances for spawning.

17th Apr 2021 - Re-done roughly half the Repentance items, improving item descriptions from launch-week versions and adding any corrections.

13th Apr 2021 - Added quality of life tags so you don't need to type Apostrophes in item names when using the search - e.g. moms knife instead of mom's knife.

13th Apr 2021 - Fixed the transformations page, adding new items which were added to transformations, and old items that have now been included in Repentance.

13th Apr 2021 - I've replaced the Bag of Crafting page with a much better version. It has filtering based on the items you add to the crafting table, which allows you to see which items you can craft with the pickups you have found so far. I will continue to add further filters, and more stuff later!

9th Apr 2021 - I'm DONE adding all the changes from the original release changelog. This includes all old item nerfs/buffs, item pool changes etc.

9th Apr 2021 - Full list of Bag of Crafting recipes added. There are thousands of recipes for each item so we've just added the 4 cheapest recipes for each item. Big thanks to Blade for doing magic and generating a massive list of the easiest recipes for all those items and providing the data on the wiki page.

8th Apr 2021 - Added more balance changes to old rebirth/afterbirth items.

8th Apr 2021 - Added an 'all items' page which lumps everything into one section. Currently hidden for now until the color sorting is working properly!

8th Apr 2021 - Added 'quality' values for all items. Item quality is a new hidden mechanic in Repentance which replaces the old 'special' item system for weighting the rarity of items. E.g. Tainted Lost has a 20% chance of rerolling items with a quality of 2 or less. Also the Bag of Crafting uses this system to determine the outcome of the item, based on the quality of consumables used.

8th Apr 2021 - Added Bag of Crafting recipes for items ID 1-414.

5th Apr 2021 - Fixed incorrect or missing information on Luna, Birthright, Satanic Bible, Broken Glasses, Holy Water, Mr. Dolly and more.

5th Apr 2021 - Worked about 50% through the official rebalance changelog for old items

5th Apr 2021 - Added missing final pickups - All inverse tarot cards + Queen of Hearts, Rune Shard, Cracked Key, Wild Card

4th Apr 2021 - All item and trinket info is complete for Repentance! There will be extra hidden effects still to add, but all the main stuff is there. Thank you to every person who sent me any information at all! <3

4th Apr 2021 - Finished confirming all old Antibirth items and how they have/haven't changed in Repentance.

4th Apr 2021 - Fixed recharge times for all active items.

4th Apr 2021 - Added item pool info for every single Repentance item.

3rd Apr 2021 - Added all achievements and unlock conditions related to items/trinkets/consumables.

3rd Apr 2021 - More fixes to Antibirth items that were ported to Repentance with changes.

3rd Apr 2021 - Added Soul Stone consumables - Late game unlocks based on the Tainted characters.

3rd Apr 2021 - Added the Clear Rune item, which is part of the Rebirth collection of items.

2nd Apr 2021 - Added references to Tainted characters (The big '34' Spoiler)

2nd Apr 2021 - Dogma item sprite fixed.

2nd Apr 2021 - Started adding repentance tags to old items that were nerfed/buffed, highlighting what has changed.

2nd Apr 2021 - Added most of the remaining Repentance item effects. Only 5 left to figure out!

1st Apr 2021 - Added a bunch more Repentance item and trinket effects - only 26 items and 13 trinkets left to fill out!

1st Apr 2021 - Fix Afterbirth+ Booster Pack items using old sprites (mainly Buddy In a Box which has a new sprite).

1st Apr 2021 - Removed references to pre-afterbirth effects specifically for pages showing Repentance items. Started working through the giant list of old items that were reworked or rebalanced.

31st Mar 2021 - Added roughly 100 Repentance item effects, and 40 trinket effects, some partial information for now. Aiming to add the rest tomorrow!

31st Mar 2021 - Added a blank page for Bag of Crafting. Just a placeholder for now, it's going to take a looong time to figure those all out.

31st Mar 2021 - Fresh update of all sprites for both pages showing Repentance items (Home) & (Repentance). Old sprites remain the old version if viewing previous DLC pages.

31st Mar 2021 - Huge update adding the 169 Repentance items and 61 trinkets. Placeholders for now to avoid spoiling big secrets Day 1.

30th Mar 2021 - Long overdue update to ALL existing Rebirth, Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ Items, fixing existing issues and misinformation (trinkets still to come). This was done just before Repentance to take a good snapshot of information, from which to work on any old items which received re-works in Repentance.