Isaac Cheat Sheet - Frequently Asked Questions

Help! How do I use this cheat sheet?

All you have to do is hover over or click one of the item icons and it will display a description on the left side of the screen! If you see an item in-game but don't know what it does, hover over it and discover what it does.

The Cheat Sheet currently has all items, trinkets and tarot cards from both Rebirth and the Afterbirth DLC, as well as every item from the original game too.

What is this options menu you speak of?

At the very top right of every page, you'll see a gear icon which you can click to customise the cheat sheet to your own taste:

How do I use the search bar?

At the top right corner you'll see a filter text box which you can type keywords into and it will filter down the entire list of items to only show relevant ones based on what you typed. Try typing anything you want in there, but I've set a few supported keywords to help you find what you need:

The information on this item is wrong!

All information about both the original game and Rebirth has been taken from either the game's source code directly or tested thoroughly in the game using Cheat Engine. I don't add information to the site unless I'm sure it's correct and has been tested or come from a very reliable source. I found that there were a large number of items which were described incorrectly on the Binding of Isaac wiki, which is why you may find info different to there. As a result of all this, 99.99% of information on the cheat sheet should be accurate, however I'm only human so if you see anything wrong please report this to me via email to

Is there any way I can help or contribute to this website?

Yes there is! While using the site you ever notice a piece of information that is missing or could be added, feel free to send me an email to
I do this as a side project because I love this game, so if you feel like supporting me there is a paypal donation link in the footer or you can whitelist this website on adblock. Even if you share this page with someone who might find it useful, I appreciate it all greatly!