Tarot Cloth

Tarot Cloth is an item that was added in Afterbirth+, however in Repentance the item received an overhaul to include cards which don't necessarily have effects which can be doubled. Below is the full list of cards and their enhanced effects.

All cards only give their effect for the current room.

Any cards not listed do not gain a benefit from Tarot Cloth.

Card name Normal effect Tarot Cloth effect
I - The Magician
Gives your tears a homing effect and +3 Range Up Also gives +2 Damage Up (similar to Book of Belial)
II - The High Priestess
Mom will stomp on the enemy in the room with the most health, dealing 300 damage A second foot stomps down just after the first one
III - The Empress
+1.5 Damage Up and +0.3 Speed Up Doubles the effect, giving +3 Damage and +0.6 Speed Up
IV - The Emperor
Teleports you to the Boss room Also gives +1 Soul Heart
V - The Hierophant
Spawns 2 soul hearts Spawns 3 soul hearts instead
VI - The Lovers
Spawns 2 red hearts Spawns 3 red hearts instead
VII - The Chariot
Grants invulnerability and +0.28 Speed up for 6 seconds. Touching enemies deals 40 damage to them Doubles the duration of the effect to 12 seconds
VIII - Justice
Spawns a heart, a key, a bomb and a coin. Can spawn any kind of each consumable (e.g. Soul hearts, troll bombs) Doubles the amount of pickups spawned
IX - The Hermit
Teleports you to the Shop. If there's no shop it's a random teleport Prevents greed from spawning in the shop. If you already fought greed it turns it back into a regular shop
X - Wheel of Fortune
Spawns a random arcade machine (e.g. slot, fortune tellar) Spawns 2 random arcade machines
XI - Strength
Gives the Magic Mushroom effect (Speed Up, Damage Up, Range Up, +1 HP up temporarily) Doubles the stats given (the x1.5 Damage multiplier is only applied once)
XIII - Death
Deals 40 damage to all enemies in the room Deals 80 damage instead
XIV - Temperance
Spawns a Blood Donation Machine (Devil beggar in Greed Mode) Spawns 2 Blood Donation Machines
XVI - The Tower
Spawns 6 troll bombs Spawns 12 troll bombs
XVII - The Stars
Teleports you to the Treasure Room. If there's no Treasure Room it's a random teleport Causes the item room to have two pedestals to choose from. Doesn't work if you already entered the item room
XX - Judgement
Spawns a random beggar Spawns 2 random beggars
0 - The Fool?
Drops all your current health and pickups on the floor leaving you at 1/2 a red heart. Items are dropped in the most efficient way e.g. if you have 99c it created 3 Quarters, 2 dimes and 4 pennies Also drops all your passive items on the floor as pedestals
III - The Empress?
+2 HP Up and +1.35 Tears Up (Lasts for 60 seconds) Adds +3 temporary HP instead
V - The Hierophant?
Spawns 2 Bone Hearts Spawns 3 Bone Hearts
VI - The Lovers?
Spawns a random pedestal item from the current room's pool. Converts 1 red heart container or 2 soul hearts into 1 permanent broken heart. If all your health is turned into broken hearts you die Spawns 2 items and gives 2 Broken Hearts
VIII - Justice?
Spawns 2-4 gold chests Spawns 4-14 gold chests*
XIV - Temperance?
Activates 5 random pill effects one after another Activates 10 pills instead
XVI - The Tower?
Spawns 6 clusters of rocks and objects that normally appear on this floor. High chance to create tinted rocks. Doors will not become blocked by this effect Spawns 14 clusters instead. Usually only noticeable in large rooms*
XVII - The Stars?
Removes your oldest passive item and spawns 2 pedestal items from the current room's pool Removes 2 items and spawns 4 pedestals instead*
XX - Judgement?
Spawns a Restock machine Spawns 2 restock machines*

* Reverse Tarot card effects are slightly nerfed if using Blank Card to activate them